Server Status: Online
Update 1
Posted on on May 14, 2020 @ 17:27
Dear players, We kindly announce the release of our first Update version 1.06, so kindly download the new Client from our DOWNLOAD page.
You can also download our updater for DOWNLOAD page and update the game without having to re-download the whole client,
but we strongly recommend to download the new client.

How to use the Auto Updater?
1- Download the updater from our download page.
2- Extract the .zip file in a new folder (Don't Extract it in the game folder).
3- Launch (MU Legacy.exe) and wait the files to be updated.
4- Once all files are downloaded copy them to your OLD game folder and accept to replace.

- New Select Server Screen.
- New Origin Dragon Set/Shield for DK and MG (in webshop).
- New Origin Double Blade for DK and MG (in webshop).
- New Origin Legendary Set/Shield/Staff for SM and MG (in webshop).
- New Weapones and Shield.
- New Wings (Season 7).
- New Spots in all Maps.
- New Game Launcher for the future updates.
- Fix some minor bugs that were misssused in the game.

Don't forget to Vote every day for our server, it helps us to get new players everyday.
Don't hesitate to contact us on our facebook if you needed.



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